Friday, April 27, 2007

Fat Wars: 9/'s Jon Gold Calls 9/11 Truth Movement Leader Jim Fetzer "a real porker."

Fetzer retaliates - calls Gold "a fat and jealous 9/11 conspiracy jingoist."

(BNN - April 27, 2007 - Philadelphia, PA) The 9/11 Truther wars took another turn for the worse today as open warfare developed between 9/11 Truth Movement leader Jim Fetzer and 9/ leader Jon Gold. An unsightly fight occurred as each attacked the other below their unseen belts.

Fetzer had innocently posted links to his recent debates with seasoned rationalist and undefeated anti-conspiracist, Mark Roberts, on Hardfire. Roberts easily trounced Fetzer on the facts but Fetzer was undaunted because, he says, "I made dozens and dozens of points."

Jon Gold immediately attacked Fetzer. "Did you accept money from our enemies to show the world how fat, undisciplined, and snotty the 9/11 Truth Movement looks? If you weren't such a porker more people would accept us for what we are."

Tension within the 9/11 Truth Movement has been developing for months as its 9/11 conspiracy theories have not resonated with an intelligent public. Fetzer has been on the outs with a great majority of 9/11 Truthers, all of whom are much thinner than Fetzer. 9/ has seen a steady decline in traffic reach over the last three months possibly because of Gold's weight according to insiders who wish to remain anonymous.

Fetzer accused Gold, "You are like most of those who post here: willing to take cheap shots from the comfort of your homes but unwilling to put away the beer and cheeseburgers."

Jon Gold and 9/ recently came under harsh criticism for trying to talk 9/11 victims' families into joining the 9/11 Conspiracy Movement.

Nico Haupt, a trim and swank leader of the 9/11 Truth Movement who has long led the "NO EATER" faction, was circumspect.

"I've long pleaded that being fat will not get us to 9/11 Truth. Fetzer and Gold continue to be under that incredibly silly illusion that cheeseburgers and fries are thinning. There's no hope for them."


Northern Exposer said...

Ya gotta love it when the kooks attack each other!

Conspiracy Smasher said...


Anonymous said...

you fucking retards!
seriously i just found the site created by the missing link
between man and apes.
cant argue the science so you de-volve into this shit.
i am 100% certain i could destroy your arguments in a proper setting.
actually a 4 yr old could

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