Friday, March 30, 2007

ICANN Recommends .911 Domain Suffix

(BNN - March 30, 2007 - Marina del Rey, California) - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers today recommended the creation of the .911 Top Level domain suffix (sTLD) by a vote of 13-1.

"We believe the explosive growth in 911 conspiracy sites justifies this action," a press release said.

Nicholas Hauptmann, the lone dissenter, suspected government pressure to isolate 9/11 Truth groups. "The government wants to herd us all under the .911 domain. Then one day agents will just delete the .911 domain. We'll be finished."

A survey of national 9/11 Truth groups echoed Hauptmann's fears.

Comments on the JREF forum indicated True Skeptics' universal support for the ICANN recommendation.

"We're applying for our own domain," one commenter wrote. "We believe the most appropriate domain suffix for rational people against loony 9/11 conspiracy theories is '.NOT.'"

Thursday, March 29, 2007

9/11 and Global Warming: the Chemtrail Link

(A BNN Exclusive – March 29 – Évian-les-Bains, FRANCE) – The calm waters of Lake Geneva and the crisp air hinting at the early warmth of spring belied the hurricane brewing at the 73rd Annual Conference of the Société de Climatologie Européen (Society of European Climatology.) Former university physics professor, Dr. Steven E. Jones, had just announced a link between the attacks of 9/11 and global climate warming.

Dr. Jones, retired professor of physics at Brigham Young University and leading proponent of the theory that elements of the United States government “pre-planted explosives” causing the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center towers, was a last-minute addition to this prestigious conference, having replaced the ailing Luigi Paolo Sebastiani, University of Florence professor of Paleo-climate studies.

BNN was unable to determine how Dr. Jones, unknown in the field of climatology, secured a position as a speaker and panelist.

Dr. Jones was forced to retire from Bingham Young University late in 2006 over his paper, “Why Indeed Did the World Trade Center Buildings Completely Collapse?”, claiming that the World Trade Center towers were deliberately brought down by explosive demolition using Thermate, an incendiary compound. "BYU remains concerned that Dr. Jones' work on this topic has not been published in appropriate scientific venues," the university said.

Dr. Jones is known principally for his work in solar funnel cooking, Evidence for Christ's Visit in Ancient America, and cold fusion.

Not content with his lack of recognition in these fields, Jones embarked on a “…personal mission to find 9/11 Truth.”

At the late Monday morning session, “Chemical Contributions to Abrupt Climate Change”, Dr. Jones claimed the U.S. government set up a program in the late 1970s to “…induce climate change by the systematic covert spraying of sulfur dioxide and other chemicals from high-flying military and commercial aircraft — the so-called ‘chemtrails.’”

While “chemtrail” conspiracy theories have flourished on the Internet for years, scientists, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and the government have dismissed chemtrail conspiracies outright as paranoid pseudo-science. Dr. Jones, however, added a new wrinkle.

The morning of September 11, 2001 was unusually clear and calm over most of the eastern USA. There was not a chemtrail anywhere to be seen. Why?

My metallurgical studies of the steel from the towers showed there was a rather mysterious sulfidation of that steel. What is the origin of this sulfur? No solid answer is given in any of the official reports. Why?
Jones explained that he originally thought Thermate was responsible, the “smoking gun” for the presence of sulphur.

The evidence for the use of some variant of thermite such as sulfur-containing thermate in the destruction of the WTC Towers and building 7 is sufficiently compelling to warrant serious investigation.
But Jones found his Thermate theory gained no traction within the 9/11 Truth Community. Former partner and current nemesis, James Fetzer, attacked Jones in November 2006:

Moreover, thermate increasingly appears to be an inadequate cause of the devastation of the complete World Trade Center…. His evidence of the use of thermate also seems to be undermined by the discovery that thermate appears to have been used to bring down what little remained after the towers went "poof"! But if that is the case, then its presence is explainable on grounds other than its use to destroy the Twin Towers and it too, as a framework for explaining the evidence, goes "poof"!
Increasing isolated within the 9/11 Truth Community, Jones discarded the Thermate theory. Speaking to the annoyed and puzzled attendees at the climatology conference Jones revealed,

There were all these unanswered questions about the sulfur. I set out on a week-long “personal quest” in the Uinta Mountains for the answer. Why was there so much sulfur? On day three, the answer hit me – literally. I was bombarded with cool rain in a sudden mountain thunderstorm and while reveling in drinking the “holy water from the God of The Sky”, drinking and dancing, the answer came to me.

It was the unmistakable taste of sulfur in the rainwater – acid rain. The connection was complete. Sulfate aerosols are the secret ingredient of chemtrails, sprayed by the government to mix with rain to create sulfuric acid and scatter light to trap heat. The sulfuric acid relentlessly eats at everything, including the steel and aluminum which made up the World Trade Center towers.

There was no chemtrail spraying on the morning of 9/11 so that the so-called "hijackers" would have a clear view of New York City from a distance.

So chemtrails are part of the government plot to control the world through Global Warming and destroy American infrastructure from within. 9/11 was the government’s first successful test. It knew the towers were sufficiently weakened by acid rain to stage a successful false-flag operation. I have discovered the “Unifying Theory of 9/11.”
As Steven Jones crossed his arms, raised his head, and stood proudly looking at the audience with the extreme confidence Europeans were all too familiar with, the conference broke for lunch.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

9/11 Truth Sites Censor Each Other's 9/11 Truth

Charges of conspiracies, disinfo campaigns, run rampant.

(BNN - March 25, 2007 - Chicago) - In a trend that began in late 2006, 9/11 Truth groups increasingly have come to fisticuffs over what constitutes "9/11 Truth". Since the very public split of Prof. Steven Jones and James Fetzer over why indeed did the World Trade Center buildings completely collapse, charges of deliberate disinfo campaigns and censorship by 9/11 truth sites dominate Internet discussion groups.

Jones reported that, " the end of 2006, a groundswell of awareness of the problem of misinformation became evident -- the increaslingly [sic] blatent [sic] assertionions [sic] of transparently unscientific claims by some high-profile individuals within that community."

James Fetzer countered, "the exploration of alternatives involving mini-nukes, directed-energy weapons, or even HAARP is a subject that should be very familiar to a physicist who has conducted research on or at facilities devoted to these subjects."

Such high-profile attacks between members of the 9/11 Truth Community have caused the 9/11 conspiracy devotees' natural instinct of suspicion of conspiracies and disinformation campaigns to mushroom.

"We do not know what to believe or whom to trust in the 9/11 Truth Movement," exclaims Sara Marshall of, a 9/11 Truth site specializing in 'alternative' 9/11 news. 'Trust, but Verify' no longer works for us. Neither does 'Impossible, but Plausible.' ... . We're fighting with every other 9/11 Truth group trying to protect 9/11 Truth from their lies and disinformation... There are even factions within fighting each other." (not to be confused with has received numerous complaints from members concerning the deletion of a link to yesterday's breaking news about Steven Jones's appearance at a French climatology conference.

"The Fetzer faction at is clearly controlling the site," one member wrote.

Dr. Thomas Lipton, professor of psychology at the University of Calgary and foremost expert on the psychology of conspiracy theorists says this is nothing unusual but is a normal stage of conspiracy theorizing.

"I liken it to an extended grieving process normal people go through after the loss of a cherished loved one -- only in reverse. A 9/11 conspiracy theorist goes through this process:

Acceptance - the initial satisfaction that the one true 9/11 Truth has been found.

Depression - the realization that one's 9/11 Truth is not accepted as the only 9/11 Truth. Why can't others see the one true 9/11 Truth?

Bargaining - the effort to get one's 9/11 Truth accepted as the one true 9/11 Truth through alliances and compacts.

Anger - the realization that there are many conspiracies against one's own 9/11 Truth by others proclaiming 9/11 Truth, actually all lies. Retaliation is the only option, if only others would cooperate.

Denial - the final stage. Retaliation has been foiled at every turn. No one is capable of understanding 9/11 Truth as it really is.

Dr Lipton says the 9/11 Truth Community is currently in the Anger stage. Outright warfare is likely to develop between 9/11 Truth factions in the near future before things settle down into inevitable Denial.

"The 9/11 Truth Community provides a tremendous laboratory for psychologists to study paranoia and denial in real time," Dr. Lipton says. "There is a clamor for more funding of 9/11 Denial studies in many universities while the phenomenon is still alive."

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Steven Jones to Reveal New 9/11 "Inside Job" Theory

(BNN – March 24, 2007 – Évian-les-Bains, FRANCE.) BNN French correspondent Alain Trenteseaux has learned that Steven Jones will reveal a new theory about the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers on Sept. 11, 2001 on Sunday, March 25, the last day of the 73rd Annual Conference of the Société de Climatologie Européen.

Jones's appearance at this prestigious conference has sparked controversy among participants. Joachim Wiedemann of Munich, Germany protested that Jones "...has no credentials as a climatologist. I have initiated a formal protest and have already 23 members to sign a petition demanding Jones be not allowed to address this conference."

Other participants dismiss the controversy. "Just because he is not an expert in climatology does not mean he does not have valid data," exclaimed Sylvie Bois from Reims, France. "Everyone's opinion should be respected."

BNN will continue to provide extensive coverage. A full report will be published early next week.

See: BNN News Alert - Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

9/11 Truthers Disrupt Dallas Anti-War Protest

Anti-war protesters quit in disgust

(BNN – March 21, 2007 – Dallas, Texas) Tension escalated between the 9/11 Truth Movement and the anti-war Left Monday when 9/11 Truthers disrupted hundreds of anti-war protesters on the 4th anniversary of the start of the Iraq invasion, 9/ (not to be confused with this site,, reported Wednesday under its headline, “Dallas brings 9-11 truth to end the war protest.”

Anti-war protest organizer, Duke Spencer, said, “…amid the majority of straight line anti-war protesters, was a small group of local 9-11 truth activists who represented the exploding 9-11 truth movement with signs, information, flyers, deception dollars and hundreds of free DVDs… It was appalling.”

Tension has been mounting for months as the Left increasingly criticized the nascent 9/11 Truth Movement as bizarre, disconnected, and “fruity.” Last November, Alexander Cockburn wrote in Counterpunch:

“Five years after the attacks, 9/11 conspiracism has now penetrated deep into the American left… Like mad Inquisitors, they pounce on imagined clues in documents and photos, torturing the data ­- as the old joke goes about economists -- till the data confess… 9/11 conspiracism stems from despair and political infantilism. There's no worthwhile energy to transfer from such kookery. It's like saying some lunatic shouting to himself on a street corner has the capacity to be a great orator.”

Chants of "9-11 was inside job!", could be heard as 9/11 Truthers crisscrossed through the crowd of anti-war protestors sporting masks and signs unknown in Texas till now, reported. Great orators were not to be found in this group.

The anti-war protest broke up before reaching it’s objective of staging a block party on the future Bush Presidential Library as protestors left in disgust and disappointment.

One angry protestor approached this BNN correspondent. “Everywhere we show up for planned anti-war protests these days these 9/11 conspiracy clowns show up to turn our show of principled solidarity into a sideshow circus. The last thing we need when ending our protest today at the Number One Clown’s future presidential library site is looking like bigger clowns than him!”


BNN News Alert - Wednesday, March 21, 2007

(BNN – March 21, 2007 – Évian-les-Bains, FRANCE) BNN French correspondent Alain Trenteseaux reports that Dr. Steven E. Jones has been added as a last minute speaker at the 73rd Annual Conference of the Société de Climatologie Européen. The annual conference on climatology runs from Thursday, March 22 through Sunday, March 25.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

'Government Conspiracy' Forces Cancellation of "National 9/11 Debate."

(BNN – March 16 – Mt. Pleasant, SC) Ed Haas, organizer of the long-scheduled “National 9/11 Debate” revealed in an exclusive interview with BNN the real reason for the cancellation of the debate.

“There is no question that it was a government conspiracy to prevent supporters of the “official story” from participating.”

Haas was organizer of the debate planned in mid-1996 and originally scheduled for September 16, 2006 but postponed until March 10,2007. “…it is now time for the nation to witness a fearless and thorough debate on 9/11 that publicly answers the questions and concerns of a troubled and divided nation.  It’s time for The National 9/11 Debate™,”  Hass wrote on his web site.

“…the 9/11 Commissioners, NIST scientists, and other key personnel responsible for the government’s non-sustainable account of what happened in the United States on September 11, 2001 all refuse to participate in the National 9/11 Debate that was originally scheduled for September 16, 2006.”

Haas suspected a conspiracy early on. “When I contacted 9/11 commissioners and NIST scientists, they all said they could not find seats on any airline. I checked all the major online discount reservation sites and there were plenty of seats available to Charleston SC from Washington….what a crock!”

NIST spokesperson, Edmund Toohey, told BNN that “government agencies are forbidden to fly with discount fares…all of the full-fare seats were sold out.” 9/11 Commission members said they could not find any government plane available for the dates needed. “All of the small private government jets were booked to Las Vegas, Branson, and Orlando.”

Hass said that this “is just more proof of the the government cover up of 9/11 complicity. No government official would ever show his face in Las Vegas or Branson.”

Hass says that he will not reschedule the debate. “The good news is that the Muckraker Report no longer believes that a debate is necessary….There really isn’t much to debate any longer.”

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Holocaust Denier Slams 9/11 Truth Movement Revisionism.

(BNN - March 5 - Phoenix, AZ) In another setback for the 9/11 Truth Movement, International Association of Holocaust Revisionists spokesperson Eric Williams slammed the 9/11 Truth Movement as "...revisionist amateurs who give 'denial' a bad name."

Williams, author of "The Puzzle of Auschwitz", recently infiltrated the 9-11 Accountability Conference in Chandler, Arizona, by becoming conference co-chair before abruptly resigning out of "...pure disgust." Williams claims he has "far more expertise to speak about 'denial', in whatever form it appears, than anyone in the 9/11 Truth Movement."

"They claim 'their mission was to find the truth and hold those responsible accountable,'" Williams said. "...the people who take apart the 9/11 Commission Report does not make them a 9/11 Denier... It takes years of research and practice."

"Holocaust revisionism has over 60 years of solid evidence behind it - the swimming pools... the lack of evidence of gas chambers... all documented. 9/11 Truth is barely five years old and these bozos can't even agree if planes, missiles, holograms, or 'star war beams' destroyed the World Trade Center."

Williams was circumspect. "History is written by the winners... those who are the losers get the bump wrap. I'm trying to expose that..."

Friday, March 2, 2007

Internecine warfare breaks out in media over BBC video timestamp reporting.

Tension between major media outlets, the BBC and CNN, broke out into open warfare Friday over which network was responsible for the BBC 9/11 reporting anomaly.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that BBC News correspondent Jane Standley had reported live on 9/11/2001 that building 7 had collapsed 23 minutes before it's actual collapse. Some 9/11 researchers suspect Tuesday's stock market plunge was a diversionary tactic by the BBC to cover up this story.

"This foreknowledge of the collapse of tower 7 is the smoking gun that finally broke the 'official story's back," reported "9/11 was unusual enough, without BBC World being able to foretell the destiny of WTC 7," 9/11 researcher, Drakey said, claiming to be the first researcher to expose BBC's deception.

BBC denied any prior knowledge. "We're not part of a conspiracy," Richard Porter, BBC Head of News wrote. "CNN's chronology of events published at the time confirms they reported the building on fire..., Porter wrote, shifting responsibility to competitor, CNN.
"Of course, with hindsight we now know that our live shot showed the building still standing in the background. But again I point to that confusing and chaotic situation on the ground - the CNN reporter who had talked about the building "either collapsed or is collapsing" also had it clearly in shot behind him..."

CNN jumped the gun
, 9/11 researchers claim.

On Thursday, CNN denied any responsibility. "It was Aaron Brown's first day on the job. He was green and wouldn't travel south of 42nd Street. Getting him to report from the top of Rockefeller Center, what with his acrophobia, was a federal case... Aaron relied on the Beeb... they had more info then we did."

The BBC filed papers in Federal Court late Friday suing CNN for copyright infringement. CNN filed papers suing the BBC for false reporting. Neither would comment on the lawsuits to this reporter.

9/11 Truth sites rejoiced at this windfall of "official media dissembling," accusing the Beeb of being part of the 9/11 conspiracy. "At this time Mr Porter is still ludicrously feigning ignorance and stupidity by suggesting that the BBC has been "accused of being in on the conspiracy," Steve Watson of writes.

Other 9/11 researchers suspect that two major events happening in the same week, the stock market plunge and the BBC controversy, could not be coincidence. "I smell perps at work," one said. "I think Rupert Murdoch is behind the whole week's events. Murdoch owns Fox Broadcasting. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that he wants to take out CNN and the BBC, and benefiting from a little profit-taking on the side."

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Stock Market plunge manufactured, 9/11 Scholar claims

9/11 Scholar, Jim Fetzer, claimed today that Tuesday's stock market plunge was part of the government's plot to cover up its role in the attacks of 9/11.

"No stock market has ever collapsed after news of an increase in consumer confidence," Fetzer remarked in a hastily-called news conference. "Stock markets cannot crash from an increase in consumer confidence," he said.

The Conference Board reported Tuesday morning that the Consumer Price Index hit a five-and-a-half-year high. The Dow Jones Industrials closed at more than 400 points down for the day.

Former 9/11 Scholar collaborator, Prof. Stephen Jones, ousted from Fetzer's group earlier this year, criticized Fetzer's hasty announcement in a telephone interview with this reporter.

"Poppycock", Jones stated. "The CIA-controlled Consumer Price Index rise led to a classic demolition of stocks."

Both Fetzer and Jones agreed the government was responsible somehow.