Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wanted: A Few Good Peer Reviewers.

Shortage prompts training courses from Steven Jones.

(BNN - June 17, 2007 - Salt Lake City, UT) - Steven Jones will soon address the continuing shortage of qualified peer reviewers plaguing the 9/11 Truth Movement with a series of two-day training courses in becoming a Certified Peer Reviewer.

"My inability to find a single qualified peer reviewer prevents the full acceptance of my scientific papers as proof that 9/11 was an inside job," Jones announced on Friday. "Everyone I have submitted my papers to claims to be too busy. The shortage is felt throughout the 9/11 Truth Movement."

Starting on July 1, applicants may submit an application to Jones for courses leading to certification as a Certified Peer Reviewer (CPR). Courses will start on on Sat., July 21, and will begin every Saturday thereafter through October. Cost of the course is $125 and limited to 100 participants per course. Prospective students must have at least a high school diploma but there are no other eligibility requirements.

An advertising and marketing campaign will start on June 18 in major markets.

Jones believes he will have enough peer reviews by December 1 to blunt all critiques of his papers. "No one will be able to dismiss my scientific analysis anymore on the basis of not being peer reviewed. There will be enough qualified peer reviews to fill a box car."

For full information and application form contact Steven Jones at

Monday, June 11, 2007

Narcissism at Root of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories.

YouTube and blogs enhance self-importance of 9/11 Truthers - "ego inflation" behind instant expertise of 9/11 Truth Movement.

(BNN - June 11, 2007 - San Diego, CA) - 9/11 conspiracy theorists believe that worldwide praise of their efforts proves they do not suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder or "ego inflation problems." Such is the reaction of leaders of the 9/11 Truth Movement to a recent study identifying an increase in narcissism in the younger generation.

As first reported by the Screw Loose Change blog in March 2007, a new psychological study, Egos inflating over time," found that narcissism levels are significantly higher in recent generations." The study has spawned analysis of 9/11 conspiracy theorists, identifying narcissism as the prime motivating force behind efforts of young 9/11 Truthers to gain the attention they crave.

"It is important to note that those in the 9/11 Truth Movement need to stand out in the crowd, to exert their 'rightful importance' in the world," says BNN health consultant, Dr. James T. Howard, Jr.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is characterized "...first and foremost by a positive and inflated view of the self, especially on agentic traits (e.g., power, importance, physical attractiveness... is associated with social extroversion, although narcissists have relatively little interest in forming warm, emotionally intimate bonds with others... involves a wide range of self-regulation efforts aimed at enhancing the self. These efforts can range from attention-seeking... taking credit from others... and opportunities to achieve public glory. Narcissists also lash out in aggression when they are rejected or insulted."

The study, which showed that "30% more college students showed elevated narcissism in 2006 compared to 1982," includes several patterns of narcissistic behavior characteristic of 9/11 conspiracy theorists:

  • 51% said that becoming famous was among their generation's important goals.
  • Websites such as MySpace and YouTube (whose slogan is "Broadcast yourself") permit self-promotion far beyond that allowed by traditional media.
  • An analysis of teenagers' MMPI responses showed that in the 1950s, only 12% agreed with the statement "I am an important person." By the late 1980s, 80% agreed.
  • From the 1960s to the 1990s, agreement with California Psychological Inventory items such as "I have often met people who were supposed to be experts who were no better than I...have increased."
  • Teenagers' MMPI responses showed that in the 1950s, only 12% agreed with the statement "I am an important person." By the late 1980s, 80% agreed.

Illustrations of narcissism among the young generation of 9/11 conspiracy theorists include the famous debate in September, 2006, between "Loose Change" creators Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas and authors of the Popular Mechanics's stellar debunking of 9/11 conspiracy theories. Unable to withstand the rational rejection of his 9/11 conspiracy theories, Jason Bermas became increasingly arrogant and haughty believing himself to be a far better expert on structural engineering, physics, chemistry, and forensic science than the hundreds of experts that made up the NIST investigation. As the grandiose sense of his own abilities was crushed, Bermas repeatedly called the authors of "Debunking 9/11 Myths" liars.

Dr. Howard has followed 9/11 conspiracy theorists for four years, noting the case of William Rodriguez, the respected hero of 9/11, who led dozens of people to safety from the north tower of the World Trade Center before it collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001. Lately, many in some quarters have described Rodriguez as the "Fallen Angel" of 9/11.

"Fantasies about having exceptional power, attractiveness or success, a sense of belonging to an exclusive group of people who truly understand each other, expectations of special treatment, and haughty or arrogant behavior are some of the things we've seen in 9/11 conspiracy theorists."

In an uncharacteristic outburst, leading some to suspect ego-inflation issues, William Rodriquez stated in a recent blog entry:

"Many accused me of exploiting 9/11. I am 9/11!"

"I was there, I experience the event, I lost 200 friends, I formed a 9/11 victims group, went to congress to fight for them, part of many organizations dealing with the blueprint to avoid future emergencies, speak on the media all the time on different issues related to 9/11, pushing a senate hearing in June to deal with the First Responders issue and live it every day of my life, any doubts?"

The "Egos inflating over time" study concludes that, "Self-correction may occur, however, given a strong enough external force... if another Great Depression or world war struck, Americans might suddenly have to temper their narcissism."

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dylan Avery Accuses NOAA, CIA of Spawning Iran-Bound Cyclone Gonu.

Singlehandedly uncovers plot to raise oil prices, attack Iran.

(BNN - June 6, 2007 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates) - During a fund raising stop in Dubai on Wednesday, Dylan Avery accused the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and the CIA of spawning Cyclone Gunu in a plot to disrupt Gulf oil shipments and cause destruction to Iran.

"'Gonu is moving in the expected direction and its center will be shifted from the Strait of Hormuz to the Iranian coast beginning this evening,' said Dr. Saad Al-Mehlafi, director general of the National Observation Center of Saudi Arabia’s Presidency for Meteorology and Environment (PME)."

"There has never been a cyclone in this part of the world," Avery said. "It is physically impossible as confirmed by David Ray Griffin. No one but NOAA with the CIA's chemtrail experience could pull off something on this scale. The Bush administration and oil companies will profit and hurt Iran in one climate attack. Global warming pales in comparison."

Arab News reports that "oil prices rose amid forecasts that the strongest storm to threaten the Arabian Peninsula in 60 years was barreling toward Iran."

Dylan Avery is traveling throughout the Arabian Peninsula seeking funds to finance his faltering third effort to change "the hearts and minds of the world's citizens" to accept 9/11 Truth.

The third revision of his film, "Loose Change," to correct staggering errors in fact and present a coherent, factual account of the 9/11 attacks, has run into "far more contradictions than we expected", Avery said.

Postponed for release until September, the third edition is titled, "Loose Change: The Final Solution."

Monday, June 4, 2007

2,000 Naked 9/11 Truthers to Join Vermont Secession From U.S.

Declare Vermont Republic home of 9/11 Truth Movement.

Carry "Little Green Book" at all times.

(BNN - June 4, 2007 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - Two Thousand buck naked 9/11 Truthers lined up for a photograph yesterday before embarking on a historic 3,000 mile journey to Vermont, U.S. to establish the first 9/11 Truth Movement colony. Photographed with backsides facing the camera symbolizing their contempt for the "corrupt American Empire", the 9/11 Truthers waved their copies of the "Little Green Book" chanting "Long Live the Republic of Vermont!"

The "Little Green Book" is the "Green Mountain Manifesto: Why and How Tiny Vermont Might Help Save America From Itself by Seceding from the Union."

Rob Williams, editor of Vermont Commons, a quarterly newspaper dedicated to secession, said the 9/11 Truth Movement represents the essence of what the U.S. once was. "The argument for secession is that the U.S. has become an empire that is essentially ungovernable — it's too big, it's too corrupt and it no longer serves the needs of its citizens. Congress and the executive branch are being run by the multinationals. We have electoral fraud, rampant corporate corruption, a culture of militarism and war."

"The Vermont secession movement shares the values and goals of the 9/11 Truth Movement," said Alex Floum, patriot behind the 9/11 Truth site, George Washington's Blog. "The Vermont Republic is the true home of 9/11 Truthers who recognize the core values of tuning in, turning on, and dropping out of the evil empire."

Vermonters for a Real 9/11 Investigation welcome all 9/11 Truth immigrants to the Vermont Republic.

The two thousand naked 9/11 Truthers leave Rotterdam Tuesday on the Carnival Cruise Line ship, "Fantasy Island."