Monday, June 4, 2007

2,000 Naked 9/11 Truthers to Join Vermont Secession From U.S.

Declare Vermont Republic home of 9/11 Truth Movement.

Carry "Little Green Book" at all times.

(BNN - June 4, 2007 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - Two Thousand buck naked 9/11 Truthers lined up for a photograph yesterday before embarking on a historic 3,000 mile journey to Vermont, U.S. to establish the first 9/11 Truth Movement colony. Photographed with backsides facing the camera symbolizing their contempt for the "corrupt American Empire", the 9/11 Truthers waved their copies of the "Little Green Book" chanting "Long Live the Republic of Vermont!"

The "Little Green Book" is the "Green Mountain Manifesto: Why and How Tiny Vermont Might Help Save America From Itself by Seceding from the Union."

Rob Williams, editor of Vermont Commons, a quarterly newspaper dedicated to secession, said the 9/11 Truth Movement represents the essence of what the U.S. once was. "The argument for secession is that the U.S. has become an empire that is essentially ungovernable — it's too big, it's too corrupt and it no longer serves the needs of its citizens. Congress and the executive branch are being run by the multinationals. We have electoral fraud, rampant corporate corruption, a culture of militarism and war."

"The Vermont secession movement shares the values and goals of the 9/11 Truth Movement," said Alex Floum, patriot behind the 9/11 Truth site, George Washington's Blog. "The Vermont Republic is the true home of 9/11 Truthers who recognize the core values of tuning in, turning on, and dropping out of the evil empire."

Vermonters for a Real 9/11 Investigation welcome all 9/11 Truth immigrants to the Vermont Republic.

The two thousand naked 9/11 Truthers leave Rotterdam Tuesday on the Carnival Cruise Line ship, "Fantasy Island."


Anonymous said...

What I learned: Those who are skeptical about the Bush government's accounts of 9/11 are crazy, narcissistic social misfits. Those who aren't are warm, emotionally intimate, sensible folk. Not sure whether this extends to any criticism of official government stories about WMD in Iraq et al. but for now I'll opt to stay in the crazy, narcissistic social misfits camp.

Anonymous said...

911 is the controlled demolition of the US... said...

In my view every person ought to look at it.