Sunday, March 25, 2007

9/11 Truth Sites Censor Each Other's 9/11 Truth

Charges of conspiracies, disinfo campaigns, run rampant.

(BNN - March 25, 2007 - Chicago) - In a trend that began in late 2006, 9/11 Truth groups increasingly have come to fisticuffs over what constitutes "9/11 Truth". Since the very public split of Prof. Steven Jones and James Fetzer over why indeed did the World Trade Center buildings completely collapse, charges of deliberate disinfo campaigns and censorship by 9/11 truth sites dominate Internet discussion groups.

Jones reported that, " the end of 2006, a groundswell of awareness of the problem of misinformation became evident -- the increaslingly [sic] blatent [sic] assertionions [sic] of transparently unscientific claims by some high-profile individuals within that community."

James Fetzer countered, "the exploration of alternatives involving mini-nukes, directed-energy weapons, or even HAARP is a subject that should be very familiar to a physicist who has conducted research on or at facilities devoted to these subjects."

Such high-profile attacks between members of the 9/11 Truth Community have caused the 9/11 conspiracy devotees' natural instinct of suspicion of conspiracies and disinformation campaigns to mushroom.

"We do not know what to believe or whom to trust in the 9/11 Truth Movement," exclaims Sara Marshall of, a 9/11 Truth site specializing in 'alternative' 9/11 news. 'Trust, but Verify' no longer works for us. Neither does 'Impossible, but Plausible.' ... . We're fighting with every other 9/11 Truth group trying to protect 9/11 Truth from their lies and disinformation... There are even factions within fighting each other." (not to be confused with has received numerous complaints from members concerning the deletion of a link to yesterday's breaking news about Steven Jones's appearance at a French climatology conference.

"The Fetzer faction at is clearly controlling the site," one member wrote.

Dr. Thomas Lipton, professor of psychology at the University of Calgary and foremost expert on the psychology of conspiracy theorists says this is nothing unusual but is a normal stage of conspiracy theorizing.

"I liken it to an extended grieving process normal people go through after the loss of a cherished loved one -- only in reverse. A 9/11 conspiracy theorist goes through this process:

Acceptance - the initial satisfaction that the one true 9/11 Truth has been found.

Depression - the realization that one's 9/11 Truth is not accepted as the only 9/11 Truth. Why can't others see the one true 9/11 Truth?

Bargaining - the effort to get one's 9/11 Truth accepted as the one true 9/11 Truth through alliances and compacts.

Anger - the realization that there are many conspiracies against one's own 9/11 Truth by others proclaiming 9/11 Truth, actually all lies. Retaliation is the only option, if only others would cooperate.

Denial - the final stage. Retaliation has been foiled at every turn. No one is capable of understanding 9/11 Truth as it really is.

Dr Lipton says the 9/11 Truth Community is currently in the Anger stage. Outright warfare is likely to develop between 9/11 Truth factions in the near future before things settle down into inevitable Denial.

"The 9/11 Truth Community provides a tremendous laboratory for psychologists to study paranoia and denial in real time," Dr. Lipton says. "There is a clamor for more funding of 9/11 Denial studies in many universities while the phenomenon is still alive."


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Have fun playing with yourself here.

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Have fun playing with yourself here.

Sounds like a twoofer trying to project his flaws onto others.

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Love it! Keep up the good work, and watch out for those chemtrails!

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Good effort, chum--next time remember to add humor. ;-P

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Finally! A hilarious site that combines both Holocaust denial AND muslim hatred! Who ever said white power types weren't funny?Screw Loose Change! And the jew boys who made it! Thank you 911Booger!

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The reverse stages of 9/11 twoofdumb is a brilliant concept, and fits perfectly!


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Thanks go to Col. Jenny Sparks for providing a link on to Booger News Network.

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Just look at all those hits I get from your blog. All those easily-influenced 9/11 Truthers. Many thanks.

Oh, why aren't you smiling anymore, Col. Sparks?

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