Friday, March 30, 2007

ICANN Recommends .911 Domain Suffix

(BNN - March 30, 2007 - Marina del Rey, California) - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers today recommended the creation of the .911 Top Level domain suffix (sTLD) by a vote of 13-1.

"We believe the explosive growth in 911 conspiracy sites justifies this action," a press release said.

Nicholas Hauptmann, the lone dissenter, suspected government pressure to isolate 9/11 Truth groups. "The government wants to herd us all under the .911 domain. Then one day agents will just delete the .911 domain. We'll be finished."

A survey of national 9/11 Truth groups echoed Hauptmann's fears.

Comments on the JREF forum indicated True Skeptics' universal support for the ICANN recommendation.

"We're applying for our own domain," one commenter wrote. "We believe the most appropriate domain suffix for rational people against loony 9/11 conspiracy theories is '.NOT.'"

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