Sunday, May 6, 2007

New York Port Authority Accused of Construction Graft.

9/11 Truther claims spray-on flame retardants were "not needed" - lawsuit planned.

(BNN - May 6, 2007 - New York City) - Another lawsuit may be added to the a number already filed by members of the 9/11 Truth Movement against government agencies and businesses.

J. "Spanky" Sparkette today accused the New York Port Authority of a kickback scheme during the original construction of the World Trade Center Towers. Sparkette is New York Divisional Vice President of Communications for the 9/11 Truth Movement.

According to Sparkette spray-on flame retardants were used to coat floor trusses and other exposed steel beams when "it is a well known fact that fire cannot melt nor soften steel."

The final NIST report on the collapse of the World Trade Center towers attributed the impact forces of the 767s knocking off the flame retardants from the floor trusses as a significant cause of the trusses' weakening from fire and the towers' eventual collapses. Asbestos was banned from use in flame retardants in 1971 when the towers were still under construction, having reached the 64th floor. Other materials were substituted for the remaining floors.

"Why do you think they banned asbestos? Clearly, the Port Authority of New York was profiting from this blatant abuse of the public trust," Sparkette claimed.

A spokesperson for the Port Authority of New York expressed disbelief. "You mean these kooks think flame retardents have no purpose?"

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