Saturday, May 19, 2007

Steven Jones on WTC 7 Collapse: "We Really Screwed Up"

Admits WTC 7 collapse time was at least twice as long.

(BNN - May 19, 2007 - New York, NY) - In the first candid admission on record by a 9/11 Truth Movement leader of being wrong, Steven Jones (above, left) admitted today that he and other 9/11 researchers "screwed up on the collapse time of WTC 7. We blew it."

For years, Jones and others have claimed that WTC 7 collapsed in 6.5 seconds, nearly free fall speed.

Jones's admission comes on the heels of a debate on the Rob Bishop show last night when Jason Bermas (above, right), one of the amateur filmmakers responsible for the film, "Loose Change", became flustered when the question of the WTC 7 collapse time came up. Bermas was confronted with the CBS video of the collapse of WTC 7 clearly showing it took over 13 seconds to collapse from beginning to end.

"That is a fantasy! I've looked at all the videos. WTC 7 collpased in 6.5 seconds, period!", Jason declared in a nervous voice.

Pat Curley, who participated in the debate last night and co-wrote with James Bennett the debunking of the film, "Loose Change", demonstrated conclusively that WTC 7 collapsed in over 13 seconds.

"The CBS video clearly shows that the East Penthouse collapsed first, followed by the West Penthouse and the rest of the structure. Between the beginning of the East Penthouse collapse and the beginning of the structure collapse, 7 seconds went by. The structure collapse then took an additional 6 - 7 seconds," Pat explained.

Bermas, visibly shaken, responded by completely dismissing the video evidence.

Pat pointed out that the 9/11 Truth Movement has inexplicably argued against its own controlled demolition theory for years.

"The CBS video demonstrates that internal collapses were taking place in WTC 7 before the entire structure fell. The 9/11 Truth Movement could have argued that bombs were going off inside of WTC 7 to weaken the structure so structure collapse could take place, just like internal explosives are set off to cause a structure collapse in real controlled demolitions. Instead, they adamantly argue that no internal collapse took place before the building collapsed. Isn't that strange?"

Responding to the overnight controversy, Steven Jones announced this morning that WTC 7 did indeed take over 13 seconds to collapse.

"We screwed up. We had never seen the CBS video when we claimed that it took WTC 7 6.5 seconds to collapse. We only relied on the street video that does not show the Penthouses. By the time we saw the CBS video, we had so much invested in the 6.5-second collapse time, we could not disappoint our supporters who were successfully using the 6.5 free fall time to push 9/11 Truth. We just ignored the evidence.

Asked how his revelation would affect 9/11 Truth, Jones said it would enhance and strengthen it.

Jones said, "There is no question that bombs went off in WTC 7 to weaken the internal structure before the building came down. That is obvious from the video and why it took over 13 seconds for WTC 7 to collapse."

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