Sunday, May 13, 2007

Psychologists To Study Growing Apantophobia Within 9/11 Truth Movement

(BNN - May 13, 2007 - Philadelphia, PA) - University of Pennsylvania psychology professor, Gerard Stilkins, is leading a group of university psychology professors in a six-month study of what he says is the "largest outbreak of apantophobia since the Middle Ages."

Apantophobia - the fear of answers - is largely unknown in educated populations but was common in history, most recently in Europe during the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) pandemic of 1347 - 1350.

Prof. Gerard Stilkins explained that apantophobia was common during the period of the Bubonic Plague when Church officials could not deliver on their promise to eliminate the disease and cure its victims.

"Strange religious sects appeared as the fearful looked for someone to blame for the pestilence, reflecting the lack of control one felt over one's own life. One sect, the Flagellants, pitifully flogged themselves in manic religious processions hoping to avoid any unpleasant answers as to the real cause of the plague. Research has since shown that Flagellants actually suffered from apantophobia."

Prof. Stilkins began to notice the signs of apantophobia in his students devoted to 9/11 Truth in late 2002. "These students were passionate in their cause, demanding answers to questions about the 9/11 attacks. I became curious when I noticed over the last several years that most of the questions had been answered reasonably and logically with specific evidence many times over. These students did not seem to notice and kept on asking the same questions over and over, blank stares on their faces. They had all of the characteristics of the Flagellants of the Middle Ages."

Apantophobia has many distinct characteristics, Prof. Stilkins explained.

  1. The sufferer can be of any age, sex, or race, but is predominantly young, male, and insecure.

  2. The sufferer needs a cause; the nature of the cause is irrelevant but must be large and impressive to the sufferer.

  3. Questions related to the cause are all-important, revered in a religious-like manner.

  4. The phobia is characterized by long time periods of obsessive question development to avoid thinking about answers.

  5. Questions that are answered are nervously challenged with another question or ignored completely.

  6. If the answer is ignored, the answer is the correct one.

  7. If the answer is challenged with another question, the answer is the correct one.

  8. In either case, the question is recycled for later use unless the question brings back unpleasant memories of the answer.

  9. If questioned, the sufferer takes it as a personal affront, and replies with a question in a distinctive haughty tone.

  10. Over the long term, the phobia leads to declining health and long periods of suffering in dark rooms or closets.

There is no known cure for apantophobia but Prof. Stilkins believes a strategy of repeated, controlled immersion in the correct answers might reduce the fear of answers within the 9/11 Truth Movement, much as putting people in rooms full of snakes or spiders eliminates those respective phobias.

"Mass manic apantophobia has not been seen in modern times and it is disturbing to see the 9/11 Truth Movement made up exclusively of apantophobics," Prof Stilkins says.

"We are hopeful that immersion in knowledge, reason, and truth will relieve, if not eliminate, their suffering."


Anonymous said...

"Mass manic apantophobia has not been seen in modern times and it is disturbing to see the 9/11 Truth Movement made up exclusively of Mass manic apantophobia has not been seen in modern times and it is disturbing to see the 9/11 Truth Movement made up exclusively of apantophobics," Prof Stilkins says.," Prof Stilkins says.

It's nice to know this "scientist" already has his answer before begining his 6 month study... I'm sure he made a complete inventory of everybody who are skeptic of the "official" answers before declaring very scientifically that they are made EXCLUSIVELY of apantophobics.

Why is he doing the research anyway if he has his answer ?

b. j. edwards said...

The study has already started. The objective is to find out "why."

Anonymous said...

"I became curious when I noticed over the last several years that most of the questions had been answered reasonably and logically with specific evidence many times over"

It certainly does appear that University of Pennsylvania psychology professor, Gerard Stilkins, either made up his mind about the quality of the "specific evidence" or has simply refused to 'look' at the evidence as a scientist should prior to coming up with his silly hypothesis regarding a current outbreak of 'apantophobia'.

Given the fact that he appears to ignore the fact that quite a few of us "truthers' are not "predominantly young, male, and insecure." (Indeed, among the many 911 skeptics I know personally in my locale, not one, not even one fits that description.) I wonder that he has any sense of the 911Truth movement at all. Of course he does not. He starts out with the implied premise that there are no egregiously specious assertions in the government's official conspiracy theory.

Then he goes on to strongly hypothesize that folks who question the official theory suffer from, what ends up essentially as, a quasi-delusional disorder. Shame on you Doctor for diagnosing from the hip.

Well, sorry to say, Dr. Stilkins, I do not find your argument credible. Indeed, quite the opposite. And the presentation of it, at least as far as the above blog post depicts it, is clearly not good science. I suggest you go back and re-think it.

Dr. Richard Welser
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Anonymous said...

Well, according to Ningen : "It's a joke
I'm pretty sure, anyway. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I looked the other day and there is no Professor Gerard Stilkins at U Penn."

If that is the case, one can only cite the source of the falsehood, i.e., 911Booger. as responsible. Which would actually make me feel a little better inasmuch as I would hate to think psychologists at UP would be as dimwitted as this article portrays them to be. We shall see, I suppose.

dr rw

Anonymous said...

If they have just made up the whole article, then it shows that the other articles on this page are probably made up too.

If the people running this site have no problems lying to deceive people and mislead them, then they should not be trusted at all.

It shows that THEY are the ones with psychological disorders, not those who they attack.

911 was a false flag event.

Anonymous said...

"pitifully flogged themselves in manic religious processions hoping to avoid any unpleasant answers as to the real cause of the plague"

The Conspiracy Theorists really do have 'apantophobia' don't they? They even silence the media so they don't hear anyone elses unpleasant answers to the real cause of 9/11! They have got 'apantophobia' really bad!

Fugeddabatit said...

It's not lying you muppets, it's a joke. It was clearly a joke - there were no 'answers' to the Black Death that the flagellents were avoiding -

by the terms of 'characteristics of Apantophobia' numbers 6 and 7 any answer given to a Truther that they ignore or challenge with a question is automatically right -

so if a Truther says "Why did the towers fall so soon" and you reply "the blue fairies did it" and they either walk away or say "if that's the case where's your evidence" you are automatically right.

Obviously a joke. Anyone with any understanding of how science works should have realised that at points 6 and 7.

Anonymous said...

This a a false flag site
Woolly thinkers

Anonymous said...

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stripey7 said...

It's clear that Dr. Stilkins has no understanding of religious faith.

We who resist easy answers don't have a "phobia." Rather, we are honoring a mystery which gives our lives meaning. Without mystery there is no faith. By posing questions which invite easy answers, we test our own faith, and by refusing these answers (except for the one answer we refuse to discount, the Inside Job), we reaffirm our faith.

It's obvious Dr. Stilkins is not a spiritual person and is probably an atheist.

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