Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dylan Avery To Produce and Host "9/11 Idol."

9-11 Visibility Project builds on success of American Idol.

(BNN - April 8, 2007 - Kansas City, MO) - Emanuel Sferios of the 9/11 Visibility Project announced today that the group has retained Dylan Avery as producer and host of "9/11 Idol", a new reality contest show to be aired on the Fox Network beginning on September 11, 2007.

"The format of American Idol is perfect to expose Americans to 9/11 Truth and further our goal of getting 9/11 Truth on TV," Sferios said in a press release.

"Judges will rotate during the first season. Along with Dylan Avery, we have asked Nico Haupt, Jim Hoffman, and Rick Siegel. We hope to find a prominent female 9/11 Truther to serve as a judge too. '9/11 Idol' is gender-neutral," Sferios emphasizied.

TV viewers will be able to vote for best 9/11 Conspiracy Theory from the comfort of their homes.

Amateur contestants from the ranks of 9/11 Truth Movement leaders will compete for the best 9/11 Conspiracy Theory. Jim Fetzer, Steven Jones, Dr. Judy Woods, David Ray Griffin, Kevin Barrett, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, and Rosie O'Donnell are well known amateurs expected to compete. Singing is optional.

"We do not advocate any particular 9/11 conspiracy theory," Sferios explained. "We want the American public to decide which theory seems the best."

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