Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Discriminatory Language Charges Leveled Against NIST

Scholars, 9/11 families "hurt" by NIST Final Report facts - demands for factual language change - "Correction of the WTC Report Would Serve a Useful Purpose."

(BNN - April 11, 2007 - New York, NY) - Buoyed by the national crucifiction of Don Imus to "raise awareness and sensitivity to 'hurtful' language," a group of 9/11 families and scholars has petitioned NIST to change the factual language of its report on the destruction of the World Trade Center complex.

"If NIST, through the WTC Report, has given inaccurate, unreliable information about the destruction of the WTC Towers, the implications would stretch across the entire architectural, political and social landscape," the petition reads.

Petitioners charged that NIST discriminated against "...detailed computer simulations using less severe damage estimates."

According to petitioners, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, the petition reveals appropriate sensitivity to NIST discriminatory factual conclusions:

"Requesters hereby request that NIST revise the WTC Report to remove any bias towards finding that the impact of jet airliners plus the resulting fires were the only cause of the collapse of the Twin Towers."
"Requesters hereby further request that NIST revise the WTC Report so that the scientific information presented therein is accurate and reliable in compliance with the 'objectivity' information quality standards for scientific information."
" Requesters further request that NIST revise the WTC Report so that the information presented therein is 'useful' in that it is 'helpful, beneficial, or serviceable to its intended users' in accordance with applicable information quality standards."

Taking a cue from the personal statements of Rutgers University female basketball team players in the Imus flap yesterday, petitioners included statements on how they were individually affected by "NIST’s Information Quality Standards Violations."

"Scholars are affected by the scientifically flawed WTC Report because it is a group actively engaged in researching the attacks of 9/11, and its research has been severely hindered by NIST’s publication of the WTC Report."

NIST issued a statement late Wednesday stating that "NIST has been careful to avoid any discrimatory factual language in its reports and no comment will be issued pending a detailed review of the language and meaning of the petition."


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