Friday, September 7, 2007

Dylan Avery Issues Recall of "Inside Job" T-Shirts

New Zogby Poll, bin Laden speech embarrass 9/11 Truth Movement. - (BNN - September 9, 2007 - New York City.)

Several days after a new Zogby Poll showed only 4.6% of likely voters believe "9/11 was an inside job" (MIHOP), and Osama Bin Laden praised 19 Arab hijackers for the 9/11 attacks, "Loose Change" video creator, Dylan Avery, issued a statement announcing the recall of all T-shirts with the saying, "9/11 Was An Inside Job." Part of Avery's statement:

"As much as it pains all of us in the 9/11 Truth Movement to face reality, we can no longer ignore that the vast majority of Americans, and even Osama bin Laden himself, believe 19 Arab cavemen were able to carry off the 9/11 attacks without help of the U.S. Government.

"Despite the massive evidence we have collected showing that pre-planted explosives were needed to collapse the World Trade Center towers, Americans were unable to grasp the laws of physics sufficiently to see the truth.

"Therefore, we have decided to abandon the reality that "9/11 was an inside job" in favor of the less elegant and less dramatic theory of LIHOP - that the Bush Administration let the attacks happen on purpose."


"We ask all Truthers to return their "9/11 Was An Inside Job" T-shirts for disposal. For those unwilling to abandon hope, Alex Jones has offered to modify the T-shirts to say "4.6% of Americans Believe 9/11 Was An Inside Job" for $12.95 plus shipping and handling. New York City and state residents, please add appropriate sales tax."

Asked what would be done with the returned T-shirts, Avery said they "will be sent to China for recycling."

For more information and shipping instructions please contact Dylan Avery at or Alex Jones at


BaNoyes said...

Likely voters huh?
More likely some Repukes
I find the whole entire thing
a load of Bull
Elite Atrocity tricks

Anonymous said...


botulist said...

Alex Jones is just trying to make a buck. Dylan Avery is just trying to get out from underneath his sick, sick film. Go easy on them, anonymous.

zafir seba said...

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Anonymous said...

Osama Bin Laden came from a very wealthy Arab family.
He was hardly a cave man. Therefore cave men didn’t orchestrate the 9/11 attacks. What sort of a disrespectful idiot are you?
The majority of the worlds DOES NOT believe for one second what your dysfunctional brain has invented. I have only ever heard one person in all these years agree with your stupid theory and as we say here in Manchester England, He wasn’t a full shilling.
I really wanted to tell you how much of an idiot your are, and I know I am speaking for the majority of the world but I doubt your narrow minded head would even believe that.
I do so hope you might one day read this.
You are an absolute nutter
Come out of your bubble world. You fool.
You have got to be the biggest prick in living history.
Shut the fuck up. KNOB!!!

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