Friday, February 1, 2008

Pouty 9/11 Truthers Get Upset When Reminded to Increase Medications.

Two certifiable 9/11 Truthers from We Are Change, Los Angeles, abruptly abandoned their plans to ambush David Frum when Frum reminded them to increase their medications.

David Frum is a fellow at The American Enterprise Institute, has written five books, and writes a daily column for National Review. He is credited with coining the phrase, "Axis of Evil," first used by President George W. Bush in his State of The Union address in 2002 to describe Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.

David Frum was signing books at the Mark Taper Auditorium in Los Angeles on January 16 when confronted by the Truthers. We Are Change often uses borderline personalities to do unpleasant jobs.

Frum correctly assessed the situation, and when one Truther started to confront him, Frum responded, "You should take stronger medication."

Frum was using a psychological technique taught at Official NWO Training Camps (ONWOTC) nationwide to disarm the certifiable, paranoid, and politically unstable kooks that flock to fringe political movements like the 9/11 "Truth" Movement.

Once reminded to increase their medications, the two "We Are Change" certifiables erupted in anger as predicted.

"I know how to increase my meds!", one yelled.

Police escorted the hapless, mumbling Truthers out the door while a third who filmed the incident didn't get that their mission had backfired and posted the video to YouTube instead of destroying it.


walter said...

Did they get the autographed book from Frum? I was hard to tell on the video.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

How 'bout that Existential Cowboy dude, though? What a piece of work he is, huh? He refers to what most sane individuals have accepted as the truth as "a crazy conspiracy theory about a world-wide conspiracy of radical Arabs and incompetent pilots....and there's not a scintilla of verifiable evidence in support of it." I mean, talk about a guy who's in some desperate need of meds; a paranoid guy accusing everyone else of being paranoid. That's "projection", pure and simple. Seriously, though, nice introduction of psychiatry into the discussion. Makes perfect sense to me!

Anonymous said...

Blow Job Edwards LOL LOL LOL LOL !!!

Blow job Edwards is so stupid, he thought Taco Bell was a Mexican phone company.

Blow Job is so stupid, he went out the door and got lost! (Someone, show him the door)

Blow Job is so stupid, that he tripped on a cordless phone

As I recall, BLOW JOB EDWARDS is so stupid, he believes a 100 ton airliner can DE-MATERIALIZE or pop into other dimensions.

Blow Job is so stupid, he believes that Arabs can sneak onto airliners and get killed and NOT show up on the OFFICIAL CORONER'S report.

BLOW JOB is Sooooo stupid he believes that steel melts in kerosene fires --proof that BLOW JOB has never heated up a can of spam on a camp fire stove.

BJ is so stupid he can do no better than label people. BJ is a 'labeler'! That's what people WHO CANNOT THINK do. They label. BJ is an idiot!

Len Hart said...

ill "take no prisoners" Hart said...

How 'bout that Existential Cowboy dude, though? What a piece of work he is, huh? He refers to what most sane individuals have accepted as the truth as "a crazy conspiracy theory about a world-wide conspiracy of radical Arabs and incompetent pilots....and there's not a scintilla of verifiable evidence in support of it."

If there is a shred of evidence in support of the most INSANE fuckin' theiry to come down the pike, then cite it, asswipe!


None of you Bush defenders have EVER been able to do that!

Apparently you missed a series of posts on The Existentialist Cowboy in which was posted FLIGHT 77 OFFICIAL FLIGHT RECORDER DATA released by NTSB!!! According to that data, Flight 77 COULD NOT POSSIBLY have crashed into the Pentagon. It's altitude was 273 feet at the time of impact. Secondly, eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen the crash COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE SEEN THE CRASH. The were not positioned to have seen ANY CRAFT on that the trajectory that NTSB data PROVES that Flight 77 was on.

The OFFICIAL BULLSHIT THEORY bites the fucking dust, dip wad!

Anonymous said...

"while a third who filmed the incident didn't get that their mission had backfired and posted the video to YouTube instead of destroying it."

hahah, great work

hANOVER fIST said...
Take all the pharmaceuticals you want, c0ck-smoker...YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

b. j. edwards said...

Just a reminder for 9/11 Twoofaloons, Len Hart and hanover fist:

- One never lost money underestimating the intelligence of 9/11 Twoofaloons.

Hawkeyi's Prairie Home Companion said...

Mr Frum was very rude, these fellows had good questions.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Frum was very rude, these fellows had good questions."

When one is stupid enough to ask questions and never listen to the answers, they will surely get the treatment they deserve.

Mr. Frum did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I will say this. There is irrefutable evidence that Osama Bin Laden could not have acted alone. It is clear that both WTC1 and WTC2 were brought down in a controlled demolition and even more obviously with the implosion of WTC7. I refuse to argue this fact with anyone anymore as it is humorously obvious of what happened to WTC7 and as far as the other two buildings... all I have to say is "Nano Thermite."

b. j. edwards said...

What you meant to say is that you have the brain of a "Nano Termite."

Anonymous said...

Hey BJ - good to see you agree with the 'thruthers' and are willing to
accept that giving us coverage in your blogs in responsible and fair.

Anonymous said...

Hey BJ check this out - you will loveit

Anonymous said...

LOL - checked out the link above -

b. j. edwards said...

Anonymous said...
"Hey BJ check this out - you will love it."

As always, the joke's on you 9/11 "Truth" Kiddies. See my comments where you get royally spanked here:

And see why the rational world ignores you blithering idiots:

"Debating" denialists

stripey7 said...

This may be amusing, but it doesn't point to a correct understanding of Trutherism.

Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule of Harvard Law School have cogently argued, in their 2008 paper "Conspiracy Theories," that conspiracism cannot be usefully understood in terms of individual psychopathology, but rather reflects the "crippled epistemology" of people in certain social/informational networks. This treatment interests me as a former member of a political cult, because it is quite similar to the way cultic studies people understand ideological totalism as a matter of group psychology. Contrary to the popular stereotype, most people who get involved in cults are not mentally deranged or defective but, rather, are deceived and manipulated in often subtle ways. In most conspiracist networks, this is probably unintentional manipulation by leaders who are just as deluded as their followers.

ewingsc said...

World Trade Center 7 comparison to controlled demolition


Burn in hell, bj

Anonymous said...

It seems the joke is on you, BJ. While you've made some mildly amusing jokes at the expense of the conspiracy crowd, you never saw the forest for the trees. "Truthers" were a spin off of attempts by Larouchies and Newmanites to co-opt the peace movement during the Iraq war protests.

At the time of this blog, you appear to be in sympathy with the pro war crowd. Your bashing of "truthers" seems to be an extension of liberal bashing. If you honestly looked at members of the truth movement, you can see two main types: conspiracy loons who will swallow any koolaid(moonhoax, Jews did it, etc), and liberals conned into it because of the war.

While you personally might have seen this as another vehicle to have a go at all things liberal, the truth "movement" was always from the far right, something most liberals were unfamiliar with except by rumor. That's why some "truthers" were baffled to find out Rense was an antisemitic website, same thing with David Ray Grifin. They weren't lying; they really didn't know and assumed their fake friends had made a mistake.

But debunker bloggers from the right DID know, know that the whole movement was a far right front. But they didn't bother telling anyone. Your friends at Screw Loose Change knew. Wasn't it odd they accepted everything Nico Haupt said, even after it was clear Haupt was in a cult? Look at their blog about the deaths of Theresa Duncan and Blake. Turns out that source is Scientology spam, courtesy of Co$ private eye John Connolly. Or anything about Holocaust Denier Craig Lazo(Killtown). It's coincidence, no, that in all their debunking they couldn't just come out an say, "Ok, we may disagree about 9/11, but this truth movement crap is being run by anti Semites and Nazis and here's the proof....You people are being conned!"
Not "every truther" hates Jews, not "scratch a truther"stupidity, not teasers and cutesy bs, but just come out and say it. But they never did. And they KNEW. Liberal truthers(who have mostly bailed)didn't.

Anonymous said...

The most probable but disturbing explanation is SLC loved a reason to bash liberals so much they didn't care if they were working with the far far Nazi right. They got cheap fame.They never went after the hardest core far right truthers because, surprise surprise, Pat and James are on the right. James is probably not racist, but Pat is very likely. His criticisms of Cynthia McKinney and Obama have a Tea Party sympathetic tone; his tolerance of tea baggers in comments is far beyond what any sane conservative would put up with.

The result being, many stories SLC gets from Nazis truthers. Pat even admitted getting news from "truthers" about "truthers" at JREF once, and yes it is archived. The "truthers" in question could only be part of the scam, ie, Nazis who didn't want the liberals crashing their party. So of course Pat helped them.

No one but another Nazi or Nazi sympathizer would repeat Nazi spam or gossip.

It's all coming out. Generally people are inclined to believe you,BJ, just got caught up in mocking the loons. Hey, there was looniness to be mocked. But it's too bad you weren't as smart as you thought you were or smart enough to see the meta truth it was all a con.

Turns out very few debunkers have the moral courage to confront the real Nazis. "Sword of Truth" is one of these. Notice I don't use his real name which is known to the Nazi "truthers". How did that happen? Sword of Truth IS NOT a Nazi...and that's probably why. A "debunker" leaked it; debunker is in quotes for a reason.

Think about that. Self identified debunkers can be conned just like anyone else.

There is no such thing as a "truther": there is either a Nazi propagandist or a dupe. The dupe you attempt to educate. The Nazi you have no mercy with. And you definitely NEVER work with a Nazi.

This post is for your own good.
You're welcome.

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